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Member's Statements

"I enjoy the excitement of seeing young adults being challenged and competing. I remember growing up in a family of tradesmen and at one time being told that we will never get rich but a good tradesman will always have a job. My connection to Upper Cape Tech is a graduate from the Class of 2003 and I am very proud to call him my son. I personally feel that if I can make a difference in just one student’s future and help them to be better prepared to deal with the chaotic world that we brought them into then I’m honored to be called a volunteer.”

- Robert Fichtenmayer, Chairman, Wareham, MA

Why am I servicing the great town of Sandwich as an Upper Cape Tech school committee member?

"I strive to be open minded and to establish educational goals and policies for the five member towns in the UCT school district while keeping in mind approving the school improvement plan and moving the school district forward each and every year.  I believe in building strong relationships with my committee members, administrators, and the staff of the UCT family. I like to think that I am courageous and confront issues, rather than people, head on. I share credit and accept blame gracefully. I like to communicate problems and strive to resolve them amicably. I remain humble with the authority of having input on hiring, evaluating the Superintendent and approving appointments for certain other positions in the district.  I am compassionate having both the taxpayers of Sandwich and the UCT School district in mind when reviewing and approving the school budget."

- Steven Chalke, Treasurer, Sandwich. MA

"I believe strongly that we all have a responsibility to educate our students and that we need to provide them with the most current up to date tools and resources to achieve success. 'The future of education lies in a partnership between the community, parents, students and educators. It is our shared responsibility to prepare lifelong learners, who will become literate, self-disciplined, independent, creative, and confident individuals. Education should build the foundations for integrity and positive attitude while empowering students to achieve academic success.'” (Quote from teacher Misti L. Taton)

- Mary Crook, Bourne, MA

"My journey with UCT started when my sons enrolled here.  I then had an invitation to attend a Program Advisory meeting as a guest.  I joined the Advisory Committee for the Carpentry program.    When the opportunity arose to run for School Committee, I was excited to do so.  I am now a proud member on the committee whose journey now includes the students and myself.  My greatest hope is to help a great school continue to create fruitful journeys for so many."

-Thomas Corriveau, Falmouth, MA

Christine Marcolini is the Upper Cape Tech representative for the town of Marion. Mrs. Marcolini is a nationally certified school psychologist who has worked in public education for over 20 years. She earned a bachelors degree from Stonehill College, as well as a masters and CAGS degree from Tufts University. She is passionate about education and supporting our local schools. Mrs. Marcolini served on the Marion school committee for six years, two of which she also served on the Old Rochester Regional  school committee. Mrs. Marcolini served as chairperson for Marion.  When the opportunity came up to fill a vacancy for the UCT Marion school committee seat, Mrs. Marcolini saw an opportunity to give back to the school that has been such a great fit for her oldest son, who is a sophomore in the engineering program. She is grateful for the warm welcome she has received from the administration, staff, and fellow committee members at UCT. It’s her pleasure to serve as part of such a committed and outstanding school community.