Regular student attendance represents an essential cornerstone for learning and employability. The student, the parent/guardian, and the school share responsibility for student attendance. We also must form a partnership between home and school as we assist our youth in making good choices. Attendance, tardiness, and dismissals will be considered when quarterly grades are computed.

It is the position of Upper Cape Tech that a student must satisfy two (2) basic requirements in order to earn class credit:
1. Satisfy academic and shop requirements, and
2. Satisfy attendance requirements.

Areas of attendance include, but are not limited to:

* Approval of Excused Absences/Tardies: In all instances, official documentation is required for medical, dental, hospital and court matters. In matters of bereavement of a family member, religious holiday, and other incidents requiring special consideration, a parental/guardian hand-written note will be accepted. 

* Signing In/Out and Dismissals: Students signing in or out of school must do so at the school office.  Failure to do so and/or excessive tardies or dismissals may result in disciplinary action. Students may not sign themselves out regardless of age. Students being dismissed either by the school nurse or parental note will be released only to persons listed on the student's medical/emergency form.