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2021 Fall Sports Information

Welcome to Upper Cape Tech! Below you will find important information regarding athletics at Upper Cape. Feel free to email the Athletic Director at with any questions or concerns regarding athletics.

2 Mandatory Requirements:

  1. Complete FamilyID Registration


  1. Up-to date physical within 13 months to the day. Physicals should be emailed to

Below are the fall sports listed for this year. Included are coaches contact information as well as first practice dates and times. Please contact the coach for more specific practice information and details. 

Fall II Sport




Contact Information


Start Date



Dayne Johnson (HC)


8/20/21 5:00PM



Kelsi Spencer   8/24/21 9:00 AM (Meet in Room 315)

Boys Soccer


Michael Cabral (HC)


8/23 8:00 AM 

Girls Soccer


James Levesque (HC)


8/23 9:00 AM 

Girls Volleyball


Karen Lafreniere (HC)


8/23 8:00AM

Cross Country


Bob Genereau


8/23 3:30PM



Matt Lombard


9/14 9:00 AM Sandwich Hollows Golf  Course



Athletic Director: Ben Rabinovitch

Athletics Secretary: Rossana Burke

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