Technical Programs

  • UCT students attend their technical and academic studies on an alternating weekly basis at UCT. The designations "A Week" and "B Week" are used to denote which weeks a student will be in academic classrooms and which weeks they will be in technical classrooms (shops).  During "A" week, Sophomores and Seniors attend shop classes while Freshmen and Juniors attend academic classes.  Alternately during "B" week, Freshmen and Juniors attend shop while Sophomores and Seniors attend their academic classes.
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Exploratory Program

  • All Freshmen students participate in an Exploratory Program. They will explore all thirteen shop areas for one day each and, after deciding on their top choices, will explore five shops for one week each. During the exploratory period, students will receive counseling in the areas of decision-making and career planning, and will participate in a computerized career assessment. Permanent shop placement will be determined at the end of the exploratory cycle, based upon performance evaluations throughout the exploratory period.