School Counseling



While all of the school counselors welcome the opportunity to meet with students, it is our intention to keep class disruptions to a minimum. For that reason, students are asked to make appointments to see their counselor whenever possible, rather than asking to be excused from class time.

Each school counselor has an appointment clipboard in the common area of the Guidance Office. Students should request an appointment by signing their counselor's board before or after school or during lunch. Counselors will check their list, within 2 school days, and make appointments to see students who have signed up. Passes will be given to students. Students should not be sent from class to see their counselor without an appointment except in an emergency situation.

Parents wishing to make appointments with their child's counselor should contact the counselor over the phone or by e-mail. Should parents need to contact their child in case of an emergency, please contact the school office at x200.


School Counselors

Elizabeth Griffin, x248

Rachel Kerrigan, x252

Sheila Leonard, x245

Jennifer McGuire, Teacher Leader for Guidance x247


Administrative Assistants

Janice Watterson, x210

Deirdre L'Italien, x253


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