Career Plans

Developing and revising a four year career plan is a requirement for all students attending technical high schools in Massachusetts. The career plan is commonly known as My Career and Academic Plan, or MyCAP for short. For more information about why students need MyCAPs, click here.

Upper Cape Tech uses the MassHire Career Information System (MassCIS) as the tool for student career planning. Counselors will assist ninth grade students in accessing their account in MassCIS at the start of the school year.

MassCIS Home Page

Students may sign into their account by visiting the site, Once in the system, students select Portfolio from the green menu bar, and then select Career Plan.

Creating and updating a four-year career plan is required of all CVTE students in Massachusetts. MassHire CIS offers students many tools to manage career development and create an individual plan. Students will receive assistance from teachers and counselors with completing their MassCIS portfolio components. Emphasis will be placed upon using assessment data and goal setting. Parents/guardians will be provided with access to their student's account and are expected to check the progress through the school year.