College & Military Rep Info

FALL 2022 NOTE TO COLLEGE & MILITARY REPS: We will be scheduling visits for juniors and seniors this fall. Please register for a visit via SCOIR. If you do not have a SCOIR account, create your own Scoir account to schedule visits. Our availability may be found here

If you are not yet aware, please note there will be an All Cape College Day fair in 2022. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 19, 2022. If you have not yet registered, visit to do so. Questions about All Cape College Day should be directed to

UCT plans to hold a college fair and on the spot admissions program in the spring--date TBD.


UCT welcomes college admissions representatives to visit in the fall to meet with interested juniors and seniors.

At this time, UCT is using SCOIR as a tool for booking admissions visits for colleges AND military branches. If you have questions about college visits, please contact Marie Alvernaz, Director of Guidance. If you have questions about military visits, contact Rachel Kerrigan, School Counselor.

Please note, each school or military branch may have one recruitment visit per school year. Additionally, UCT offers a college fair in March where college admissions representatives and military recruiters may connect with our students. (Please follow this link for college fair information.) We appreciate your understanding of this practice. 

We are also happy to publicize open houses and other recruitment events that would be appropriate for our students to attend.  Please complete the "Share an Upcoming Open House or Recruitment Event" form in the resources list to the right.  If you have questions, please contact Marie Alvernaz, Director of Guidance.

College Rep Visit