Profiles of UCT Graduates

Kirk Frazer, Class of 2010, Culinary Arts

(Shared by the UCT Culinary Arts Program)

Former Student Spotlight: Kirk Frazer

Post Graduation from UCT in 2010, Kirk Frazer went on to study at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.
Kirk received his Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management in 2014. He continued his educational journey at Johnson and Wales in the Graduate program where he received a Masters in Hospitality in 2016.

During his first five years in college, Kirk worked on the line at Woods Hole Golf Club in Falmouth, MA. As the Johnson and Wales University Storeroom Operations Manager, he also managed a 2 million dollar budget for all the products coming into Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts.

After many accomplishments, today Kirk works for Eataly. He is a Restaurant Manager of Orto E Mare in New York City. The restaurant specializes in small plates, steak, seafood, pasta, and vegetable options.

Eataly is the largest Italian Restaurant-Market Fusion store and has about 10,000 products from Italy, five restaurants, Foodiversita (a free cooking school), and multiple quick service areas for busy customers. 

Eataly is currently opening a new location on November 29th, 2016 in the Prudential Center in Boston’s Back Bay.
Kirk has been requested to be part of the team to help train and open this new location.


Eric Anderson, Class of 2010, Culinary Arts

(Shared by the UCT Culinary Arts Program Facebook Page)


Eric Anderson graduated from the UCT Culinary Program in 2010. When asked to reflect on his education at Upper Cape Tech, Eric simply said “I am grateful that I was a participant in the UCT Culinary Program. I owe you guys for all your time, patience, and effort.”

After UCT, Eric went on to study at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Eric received his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in March of 2013.

During his time at the CIA, Eric interned at an inventive Indian fusion cuisine restaurant, Allspice, in San Mateo, CA. This restaurant holds a prestigious Michelin star. Eric’s abilities in the kitchen impressed the restaurant owners. This led to a job offer as their lead line cook, once he graduated.

After a few months, Eric joined the Taj Campton Place in San Francisco, CA, an upscale restaurant which holds two Michelin stars. Taj serves refined California cuisine with Indian notes. Eric worked there for two years promoting his career from a garde manger chef for six months to their poissonnerie (fish cook) for a year and a half.

Currently, Eric works at Madera Restaurant located in the luxurious Rosewood Sand Hotel in Menlo Park, CA. He started there this past August as their butcher/meat cook.

The Staff at Upper Cape Tech Culinary wish Eric continued success on his journey in the restaurant business. We could not be more proud of him.

Please take the time to have a look at the menu of Madera Restaurant, celebrating the culinary traditions of the bay area, to see what Eric has been cooking.

Madera's Menu:…

Anna McEntee, Class of 2011, Environmental Technology 

Saint Leo University, Class of 2015, B.S. in Environmental Science with Honors

Anna McEntee

Current Employment: Green Seal Environmental,Inc.

Initially in Survey/Engineering department as a Drafter and Field Technician

Recently moved to full time in the Environmental Department as a Field Technician

Future Employment Goals: “I am starting my education in wetland science in order to work towards the title of Professional Wetland Science through the Society of Wetland Scientists. The program works similarly to the Professional Engineer program, in that once I meet all of the educational requirements, I will be a Wetland Professional In Training (WPIT) until I have five years of wetland related work experience under my belt. I hope to get involved in wetland remediation and restoration in the future, and there is a class on wetland design that I’m very interested in taking. I will also be considered an Environmental Professional after three years of work in the environmental field, and may look into applying to become an LSP when I have the required knowledge and experience.”

How UCT helped me find success: “Upper Cape gave me the skills I needed to succeed in college as well as in my professional career. I not only gained knowledge specifically in the field of Environmental Science, but I also gained skills in presenting myself in a professional manner, public speaking and presenting, and working in a team-centered environment.”

Sheamus Glynn, Class of 2012, Electrical Technology

Upper Cape Tech Night School, 600 Hour, State of Massachusetts Approved, Journeyman Electrician Program

Sheamus Glynn

Current Employment: Self-Employed

Future Employment Goals- Obtain Master Electrician’s License in order to expand business by employing other Journeymen and Apprentices

How Upper Cape Tech Has Helped Me- “Without Upper Cape Tech it would have been difficult for me to gain the skills I needed to succeed in my career. My choice to become a professional electrician in ninth grade was probably the best decision I ever made. If I had to do it all over again, I would.”

Paul Fandel, Class of 2009, Pre-Engineering

UMass Dartmouth, Class of 2013, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Paul Fandel

Current Employment: Aerovox Corporation

"For the last three years, I have been working as a Design Engineer at , a major manufacturer of capacitors. I design a wide variety of products, such as defibrillator capacitors, AC filters, and large high voltage capacitors which are used in everything from cosmetic lasers and offshore drilling platforms to medical equipment and top secret government projects."

Future Employment Goals:

"I want to eventually transition to become an engineering manager for a design team or to become the chief technology officer of a company."

How UCT has helped me find success:

"Attending UCT taught me how to think technically and helped me become a better engineer."

Meghan Moran, Class of 2010, Cosmetology

Meghan Moran

Current Employment: TarraDean Studio, Onset, MA (since 2009)

Initially an apprentice

Currently Senior Stylist; Artistic Educator for L’Oreal Matrix Professional

“I have been lucky enough with my passion, hard work and dedication to receive many opportunities I used to dream of. Not only am I a senior stylist at TarraDean Studio, but also an Artistic Educator for L'Oréal Matrix Professional. My weekends are spent educating at different stores and salons around New England. This allows me to share my knowledge and art form with fellow hairstylists. I also have traveled the country, as stated in my bio, with some of the most iconic industry leaders. I am part of the support team backstage coloring and styling models' hair before they go on the big stage at national and international hair shows.”

Future Employment Goals: 

“My ultimate dream is to someday come out from behind the scenes and make my way to the big stage- lights, camera, action! Luckily enough, with the incredible mentors I have in my life, I'm well on my way! I have also been studying up on editorial photo shoots. I have actually had some of my work published in a hair magazine (Hot on Beauty) this year. This is also a career direction I'm heading toward -to see my work ‘in print’ as they say. On top of all that, I want to compete in hair competitions such as the North American Hairstylists Awards (which I entered for my first time this year, 2016).”

How UCT has helped me find success:

“My Cosmetology instructors at UCT helped me to find a salon that would provide the education necessary for me to continually strive toward a greater future. I don't just mean my Cosmetology instructors (although they played a huge role), but across the board at this high school, I found that Upper Cape Tech teachers not only gave me the resources and direction necessary for a successful future, but the work ethic that was instilled was what really set the bar high. Work ethic is hard to teach...some may say you’re born with it. Even today, when I run into my former classmates, I find it so refreshing to hear about their successes after UCT. To say the least, without the support of Upper Cape Tech to jump start my career at such a young age who knows how different my life would be! I couldn't be more grateful!"

Mark GianferanteClass of 2011, Engineering Technology

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Class of 2015, Bachelors of Science in Marine Engineering

Mark Glanferante

Current Employment: Interlake Steamship Company, 3rd Assistant Engineer

Future Employment Goals:

Chief Engineer

How UCT has helped me find success:

“Engineering Technology prepared me more for college and life in general then I could have believed back in 2011. Once in college, I found that I already had the study habits and mentality that would lead me to success. Moreover, the basic knowledge of engineering I received at UCT proved to be an invaluable foundation allowing me to enter high level engineering courses with confidence. I highly recommend the Engineering Technology shop at UCT to any student wishing to enter any field of engineering.”

Joanna Golden, Class of 2012, Automotive Technology

Joanna Golden

Current Employment: Hyannis Toyota

- started in the business development center fielding incoming/outgoing calls, and scheduling appointments.

- moved to express maintenance service advisor

- currently in sixth year as a full time service advisor

Future Employment Goals:

“My future goals are to work my way up to be a DSPM (district service/parts manager) which involves travel to dealerships to assist with customer issues/concerns. I also plan to further my education, earn a business degree, and to move forward with the Toyota corporate center in Texas.”

How UCT helped me find success:

Upper Cape Tech gave me the skills I needed in order to move forward in my professional career. I not only gained hands-on knowledge in the automotive trade, but also gained people skills, and learned how to work in a team-centered environment. I was able to go out and start my career through our co-op program. I would encourage any young adult to go to a technical high school if given the opportunity. I find the practicality of the system more successful when young adults are given the opportunity to search for their future career in such an early stage of their life.”

Jaryd McGonagle, Class of 2005, Horticulture/Landscape Contracting

Jaryd McGonagle

Current Employment: Warner Larson Landscape Architects

Future Employment Goals:

- Continue to oversee and deliver quality built projects

- Aspire to transition to ownership/greater leadership role

How UCT has helped me find success:
“Upper Cape Tech’s Horticulture/Landscape Contracting Program gave me a foundation of skills necessary to succeed in the horticulture and landscaping industry. Working in the field on live projects as part of the shop program established a good work ethic and personal discipline early on, along with a practical understanding of construction methods related to landscaping and horticulture.”

Bryan Thrasher, Class of 2012, Automotive Technology

Universal Technical Institute, Class of 2013

Bryan Thrasher

Current Employment: Ryder   

July of 2013 - present  

Job duties: tractor/trailer/ truck servicing; mechanical/ electrical/ refrigeration repair; on-site repairs, road service, emergency after-hours roadside service.

Employment goals:

I hope to someday run my own shop within Ryder and move further up in the company chain of command.

How UCT has helped me find success:

“I was given the push and motivation that I needed to venture out into a field in which I had not been given instruction. UCT instilled within me the mindset of "never let anything stand in the way of what you want", and to become so highly-skilled in your field that you are "often imitated but never duplicated".