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UCT Athletics

UCT has a proud athletic heritage. Students may try out for a total of 27 sports teams:
Fall Season

Varsity Football
Junior Varsity Football
Freshman Football
Boys Varsity Soccer
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer
Girls Varsity Soccer
Girls Junior Varsity Soccer
Boys Varsity Cross Country
Girls Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Golf
Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
Winter Season

Girls Varsity Basketball
Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Boys Varsity Basketball
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Boys Freshman Basketball
Varsity Hockey
 Spring Season

Varsity Baseball
Junior Varsity Baseball
Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Varsity Softball
Junior Varsity Softball
Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Mandatory Requirements 

The Athletics Parental Consent on Family ID allows students to participate in Upper Cape Tech's sports activities.  Registration must be submitted along with proof of a current physical exam. This is required from every student prior to trying out for any team.
The Athletic Parent Consent consists of: 
  • Release from Liability and Indemnity Agreement
  • Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion in Sports
  • Pre-Participation Head Injury/Concussion Reporting Form for Extracurricular Activities 
The link to Family ID can be found on the home page of this website.
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