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UCT Yearbook Information

UCT's yearbook is put together and overseen by our two faculty advisors, Jen McDonald and Michelle Bourke. Please feel free to contact them via email with any questions!

Ordering Information

All students at UCT may purchase yearbooks. Books are sold online through a secure website through the publisher, Balfour. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction. Please save this as your receipt!

Click here to order your yearbook from Balfour!


For Seniors and Their Families

Student Recognition Ads


Steps for placing an ad:

  • Choose school by zip code
  • Scroll down to select Yearbook Products and Ads
  • Enter student name
  • Scroll down to ads

Senior Portrait Submissions

  • We are still looking for portraits of a few students. Those who do not submit one will be pictured using the school photo taken this year for ID photos. Photos must be submitted in JPEG format with high resolution (cell phone photos do not have high enough resolution and cannot be used in the book.) Please email photos as attachments to

Senior Biographies

  • These are very short write-ups placed beneath the senior's photo. There are very specific instructions that muse be followed in order to meet the spacing requirements. A link to the senior bio form can be found here. (This is accessible only to UCT senior students through their Google accounts.)