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Upper Cape Tech offers a wide array of technical programs to prepare our students for lucrative and rewarding careers. Use the links below check out our shops and learn more about our cooperative education program.

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Cooperative Education

About UCT's Cooperative Education Program

Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School's "Cooperative Work Experience" is a program of supervised on-the-job training for students through a cooperative arrangement between the school and the employer. UCT is dedicated to preparing our students for their career goals and future endeavors.  

Employers have a unique opportunity to assist students as they work toward a future in their field by through training and mentoring.  This hands-on in field training broadens the students' experience and increases their confidence.  UCT works with local employers in the community. If you are interested in being a part of our cooperative program please fill out this form .  For any further information please contact Jessie Madera at


What does the Employer need to provide?

The employer needs to fill out the cooperative agreement (see form below) as well as a copy of their workman’s compensation insurance policy.  We will also need a completed CORI form (see form below) from the direct supervisor as well as a copy of their drivers license.

What are the min hours required?

The student must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.  Students are authorized to work more within the confines of the MA child labor laws.

What are the wage requirements?

Students must earn minimum wage ($15) or higher.

Does the student work every week?

The student will work on a rotating 2 week schedule. They rotate between academic and vocational weeks. A calendar is below.

Do I need to provide an evaluation?

Yes, an evaluation will need to be completed each co-op week.  The evaluation is due the Monday after the co-op week and sent to  Please see the copy of the evaluation form below. This evaluation is important to the students shop grade and gives us insight into the students training and ability.  

Will the school come and visit the student at the workplace?

Yes, a supervisor will contact you to visit the work site and evaluate the student each quarter.

Are there requirements for the students to participate in co-op?

Seniors and Juniors (grade 11 starting second half of the year) are able to participate in our Cooperative Program in their trade.  They must maintain a C average or higher in their academic classes.  Students must remember to retrieve or remind employers to send their evaluation so they can be graded. If terminated from the co-op position, the student must inform Mr. LeRoy of termination and immediately return to school.

For other inquiries, contact:

Nolan Leroy, Program Coordinator
508.759.7711 x254

Information for Prospective Employers

Employers seeking to offer a job to our students as part of the co-op program must first complete and submit the required paperwork:

All Employers

Co-op employers are required to submit a completed Weekly Student Evaluation Form for each student worker. A copy of our current school year calendar is linked below to reference the weekly rotation (A and B weeks).