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For Employers

Prospective Employers

Employers seeking to offer a job to our students as part of the co-op program must first complete and submit the required paperwork:

All Employers

Co-op employers are required to submit a completed Weekly Student Evaluation Form (.doc) for each student worker. In addition, the following forms must be completed by employers for students according to the student's grade level:


FAQs Regarding UCT's Cooperative Education Program 

Question Answer
Who is eligible to participate in CO-OP?

Any senior who has met the guidelines listed below and any junior who has participated in their technical experience for at least 2 years (8 terms). 

  • Average of "C" or better in every class for the term preceding participation
  • Creditable degree of achievement in their trade area
  • Evidence of cooperation throughout the school demonstrated by effort, grades and discipline history
What are the employer responsibilities?
  • Complete a CORI request form
  • Show proof of Workman's Compensation Insurance
  • Complete Apprentice Evaluation forms weekly
  • Student must be employed for at least 30 hours/week
What are the benefits to the employer?
  • Helping to assure the future workforce in the industry trained in their own way
  • The benefit of an appropriately trained employee without the overhead of training costs
  • No liability for associated costs of a full-time employee including no long-term commitment
  • Opportunity to impact and influence the development of a young apprentice in the trade in a 1:1 ratio
Is there a minimum I must pay the student -worker? While it is expected that the student - worker will paid there is no set rate above minimum wage


Thank you in advance for considering participation in the cooperative education program with Upper Cape Tech. If you have any concerns or questions, please call Nolan Leroy, Program Coordinator at (508) 759-7711 x254,