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Culinary Arts students prepare to earn certificates in:

  • Fine Dining standards 
  • Advanced techniques and equipment in the classic, traditional and contemporary forms of service
  • An expanding nationally recognized certification.
  • ACF certifications are the most sought after by industry chefs 
  • UCT offers an ACFEF secondary certified program. 
  • Requirements for this program meet and exceed the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Massachusetts State Sanitation guideline
  • Sanitation certification is required by all food service providers as a basic credential for their management staff 
  • Shift manager’s certification must be clearly displayed in each establishment
  • This course is provided for senior year in an attempt to prepare graduates for a leadership roles
  • State mandated program
  • Food establishments required to have a "Certified Food Protection Manager" on staff who holds a "Certificate of Allergen Awareness" 
  • Certificate is valid for 5 years
  • Self-paced introductory training (non-manager's) course designed for kitchen staff
  • Offered to UCT underclassment
  • Demonstrates student's understanding of MA state kitchen standards to employers 
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Our freshman are certified in the first half of the year and re-certified in their junior year
  • Covers state's required choke saver training
  • 10 hour general industry